14 Jan

Florida, my nemesis

So, Eileen’s in Florida this week, volunteer coaching for the Lightweight Novices, which she refers to as Novi. Tember and I miss her, but it’s much easier to keep the kitchen clean. 🙂

I’ve been biking in our basement, watching bad science fiction movies in Spanish. Since the majority of a triathlon is cycling, I guess I better figure out how to do it. Bike, that is.

It’s the last week of classes at school; I’ve been grading papers like a friggin machine.

This morning, I talked to my mother-in-law, who is down in Florida, staying in some campground in their RV. She said something about how they’re in a town just south of the Georgia border, which is having some sort of Stephen Foster celebration. I might be getting this slightly wrong. In any case, the moral of the story is that retirement is wonderful.

I asked if there was a body of water nearby, and she said, “yeah, the Swanee River.” Apparently, there’s a huge carillon tower that plays Stephen Foster songs all day. “Just songs like Home Sweet Home and Way Down Upon the Swanee River. We’re kind of old folks, you know.”

I thought that was pretty funny.

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