25 Jan

Lipogrammatic fun

Well, I officially got sick this weekend, and last night, amidst a fitful bout of tossing and turning, I started composing poetry. I had gone to bed with a very specific type of phrase on my mind: it’s one in which each vowel is used once and only once. An example: What’s up with Moses?

And so, in my slightly feverish state, I composed this poem and then got out of bed to write it down blindly in the dark. I’m so strange.

O, understanding
Are you sin?
Apple isn’t ours
To quench a thirst
But we contradict
To acquire
O such great things
From what slithers up
Our little branch
Our grand pride.

One thought on “Lipogrammatic fun

  1. Wow, that is huge!
    Battle your mind
    To find a cure!
    Use sick poem and
    Heal your sick!

    P.S. Creation rulz

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