13 Dec

Rest in Peace, Puppy


Well, yesterday the puppy rapidly deteriorated in the afternoon. He was lethargic and vomited repeatedly. So we took him to our local vet, who stabilized him with fluids and some medication so that he could handle the trip to Milwaukee. We drove him to Milwaukee last night and handed him over to the rescue organization we adopted him from so that they could get him into their vet hospital. He had been diagnosed with parvo, which has a 50% mortality rate. Not good.

But we were hopeful because he didn’t have a fever and we had caught it somewhat early. This morning, we got a report that he’d made it through the night and that he was eating — another good sign. But then tonight, we got the call telling us that he’d passed away at about 5:30.

I was surprised by how devastating the news was. We’d only had him for four days, but in that short time, we’d grown quite attached to the little guy. He was a sweet dog.

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