12 Feb

not much news

So I know it’s been awhile since I’ve written here, but honestly I think I prefer helping Tim write his blogs (someone has to remind him that he freaked out when I didn’t add a full stick of butter to his brownies). So even though I haven’t authored anything for a few weeks I have been contributing. Anyway, this weekend Tim is climbing Pinchincha with some other people we met through our director. Pinchincha is one of the volcanoes that borders Quito. They left this morning around 8am and they’ll hike for about 5 hours. There apparently are some structures you can camp out in, which is their plan for tonight. I’m jealous cuz I wanted to go to, of course, but we were afraid my knees wouldn’t hold up for that long of a hike. So I stayed back here in Quito but I’m sure Tim will have stories to blog about the experience.

Right now I’m burning a cd of music so I can treat myself to listening to something other than the music at our gym (a person can only take so much bad 80s and techno music).

Mom and Dad, we just got your valentine in the mail yesterday, it was nice to still get mail from you.

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