24 May


First Communion

So a couple of weeks ago, our landlords invited us to their son, David’s, first communion. Actually, David invited us when I wasn’t home. Eileen told me about it, and then an hour later or so, David returned to our apartment to ask us if we would be his godparents. I said sure with a non-chalance that could only be possible with a lack of comprehension, which was the case at first. As David was leaving, I realized that he had asked us to be godparents. Whoa!

We went with them to the “rehearsal,” which was unusually similar to the actual thing, including a first communion. The above photo is from the rehearsal. Unfortunately, the actual first communion (technically the second) was this past Saturday, so we couldn’t make it.

We’re a little apprehensive about what being a godparent entails, but our landlords are not very religious or traditional, so I don’t think they’ll be angry if our godparentage only entails keeping in touch.

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