23 Feb

Peak Frustration

So this morning, after having assured me no less than four times that we would not unify the two morning Basic 3A classes at SECAP, the director of my SECAP interrupted my class to say that we would unify the two morning Basic 3A classes. The inefficiency, ineptitude, and idiocy of the SECAP administration is alarming. Twenty students showed up this morning, expecting a section of Basic 1B. But their teacher, Preeti, was at the other SECAP meeting with the directors of both SECAPs and 15 students who petitioned to have 3A at the north SECAP. Were the 20 Basic 1B students ever informed that class would in fact start tomorrow? No. Was the guard informed? No. Perhaps a secretary or a janitor? No.

Nevermind that it’s easier to divide a class of 15 students among four other 3A classes than it is to unify two classes of 20 students. Nevermind that we’re already three days into 3A and that I’ll have to repeat the last three days of instruction with my new students tomorrow. Nevermind that two weeks ago, we presented SECAP with our preferred schedule of classes and that I’ve met with my director three times since then to encourage his initiating our preferred schedule. Nevermind that because of said meetings, I’ve assured my morning students time and time again that we would not be unifying two classes of 20 students to create a class of 40. Nevermind that the students who petitioned to have a 3A class at the north SECAP are a mere 12 minute trole ride away from my SECAP. Nevermind that most of my students come from the south and that they live about an hour away from my SECAP.

In fact, nevermind logic altogether. What a stupid way to run a school.

Clearly, this little note makes no sense. Suffice it to say that I’m really pissed at the morons who run SECAP right now.

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