08 May


I was a member of something called a Press House. It was me, 3 guys, and about 6 or 7 girls. We were excited, because it was a good team. The guys were small but quick, and the girls were all star athlete types. We had to do things like put on charity fundraisers and compete in athletic events against other Press Houses — all in the name of vying to be the coolest Press House on campus. It was absurd and nothing like the real world.

Then the dream kinda went backwards, and I was driving to a college I had applied to for grad school. It was a small college in Iowa — Iowa, Wisconsin, that is — a two and a half hour drive from Madison. So I went there to check it out. There was one road into the campus, and I had to drive through a group of students playing kickball in the street. The buildings were all very old and they had a lot of character. I got out of my car near the pool and walked into the men’s bathroom. There were two women at the sink, but they were blind, so I used the urinal.

The dream gets kind of foggy from there. I was with the Press House and we were choosing field stones for a small veranda in the park and making rules about where students were allowed to make out.

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