04 Jul

The Fourth

steph and morgan’s bday

This past Saturday, we went to a party at Steph’s place. She and Westra threw a birthday/fourth of July party. It was Steph’s birthday, and this coming Thursday is Morgan’s birthday. The highlight for us was when they brought out the sparklers. Nostalgic.

For us, the party kinda sucked. We got there way earlier than most of our friends and we were both somewhat sick. And tired. Not to mention tired of being sick. So we didn’t have a lot of energy to interact with new people. Had we stayed another couple of hours, we probably would have had fun, but Eileen was started to fall apart. So we left before the big fireworks send-off. Steph had bought some major fireworks and was planning on setting them off from her roof.

Last night, I did see some fireworks nonetheless. Apparently, there was another inaugaration of the “teleferico,” the cable car they just constructed on Pichincha.

Man, I tell you, it’s getting hard to live here. I mean, it’s getting hard to keep our minds here, to appreciate and soak up our final experiences. We’re thinking of home a lot. It’s not that we are desparate to leave Ecuador. It’s that we’re both starting to dread the fall so much that we just want to get home so we can get settled and relax for a bit before we start up with school. I’m having more and more nightmares about teaching. In one, I was in the English department office and I couldn’t open my eyes.

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