23 Jul

walking up La Gasca

Yesterday afternoon I was walking home from Supermaxi up the hill. The weather has been nice here the last few days so it was a pleasant walk. I was deep in thought about what to do this weekend when a loud crash jolted me awake. A car turning onto a side street had rammed into another car, pushing it onto the median, taking out a tree and smashing a few car windows. It all happened literally across the street from me. The car at fault immediately took off and the people in the badly damaged car started to get out. It didn�t look like anyone was hurt. When the people got out the car the started yelling up the street “follow them” I followed the direction of their shouts and saw about 3 police men just standing there. After enough prodding one of them hopped in a cab (not his police motorcycle) apparently to try and intersect the other car at the bottom of the hill. I have to say I won�t miss the crazy dangerous drivers here.

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